Taylor Plumbing & Heating is a specialist central heating installation and service company, offering the deep
expertise and the high level of customer service you would expect from a leader in the field.

Modern Central Heating Systems have improved remarkably over the last few decades, including the introduction
of combination boilers in the late 1970s and the introduction of high efficiency boilers more recently offering
efficiency ratings of over 90%.

Taylor Plumbing & Heating is your partner for central heating system design, repair, installation and servicing.
We offer a wide range of services through our team of fully trained and qualified Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Our Gas Safe engineers have many years of experience and a good track record of happy customers. Within our wide
team we have the expertise to deal with simple and complex heating problems. Whether it is a simple boiler breakdown,
an installation of an unvented hot water tank or a full underfloor heating system design and installation, we can
carry out the work efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers (previously Corgi) and heating engineers are experienced in boiler repair and
central heating repair on all types of gas boilers and central heating systems.

Although central heating systems are taken for granted these days, they actually only started to take off in
the 1970s in the UK. Currently it is hard to imagine our life without a modern central heating system.

Boiler Breakdowns - Fault Finding Process

Our Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) registered engineers will go through a rigorous testing cycle to analyse
your central heating and boiler to find the root of the fault.

As well as examining the boiler and the central heating system together with the connections,
the engineer will check:

• Flow and return pipes (to/from the boiler)
• Boiler flame firing
• Flue positioning and heat
• Lockout on the boiler
• FCU fuse (power to system)
• Boiler and heating controls (programmers, thermostats)
• Boiler pump
• System pressure
• Condition of radiators
• Condition of pipe work
• Condition of valves and other fittings

Once the engineer has clearly diagnosed the problem they will be able to advise on the best solution to resolve
it as soon as possible. In many cases it is more cost effective to replace your boiler rather than repair it, as
the energy savings from the new boilers outweigh the cost of repairing an old boiler.

Central Heating Repair and Installation Services

As part of our Central Heating repair and service operations we:

• Replace hot water tanks
• Install Unvented cylinders
• Fix and install all types of Radiators, including Stelrad and Myson radiators
• Powerflush the radiators and the central heating system
• Install decorative radiators
• Install towel warmers
• Install TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves)
• Install underfloor heating systems
• Install heating controls (such as Honeywell room wireless thermostats and timers)
• Install water heaters
• Install Megaflo systems
• Issue gas safety certificates (landlord gas safety certificates)
• Central Heating Installations

Central heating system installations typically involve a new high efficiency boiler, new radiators,
new heating controls and pipe work.

Boiler installations can vary greatly between the different types and makes of boilers and
the unique requirement in each property.

As an example we have drawn up this high level check list for a supply and installation of a
typical central heating system with a combination boiler:

• Drain and remove old boiler (if exists)
• Install new combi boiler (including flue)
• Connect flow and return pipe-work to the boiler
• Connect water pipes (hot and cold) between the boiler and the taps
• Hang heating radiators on the walls
• Connect pipe work to radiators
• Install controls (timers, room thermostat)
• Power-flush the system
• Put inhibitor into the system to inhibit any scale build up
• Test the system under pressure
• Notify Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) and issue all required certificates
• Clean all rubbish and leave the property tidy